VaporTent Lounges, LLC

California State Licensed Cannabis Event Organizer exclusively for responsible patients & wellness advocates (CEO14-0000005-LIC)

With roots based in Silicon Valley, we are a "California State Licensed - Cannabis Event Organizer" curating exclusive & boutique "Social Events" providing a responsible evening to relax, mingle and socialize with like-minded individuals.

We enjoy the Arts, Movies, Music, Cuisine and look forward to breaking down many of the pre-existing stigmas historically established.

More importantly, it is a paramount principle that we build a brand led by responsible consumer engagement. Fully understanding the importance in setting a positive example, following the proper business guidelines as well as local & state laws.

Referral Based, 21 & Wiser Only, Membership is Limited.

VaporTent Lounges

My husband and I always have a great time at VLT events. They are high end with smooth member check in, VIP areas, great music, and delicious food. For the movie events, I really enjoy having reserved seats and VIP access on opening weekends. It takes all the stress out of it for me. Plus we meet other like-minded people via the events. Can’t wait for the next one!
— Cristen - Office Manager

VaporTent delivers! Good times & great vibes with like-minded professionals. Events always include a elevated VIP food, music and entertainment experience. I’ve enjoyed multiple events with VTL and highly recommend it to my trusted friends!
— Frank - Business Manager

Went to see Star Wars with my wife and we had an amazing time! The event was well organized, fun and the participants were a diverse group of professionals. Recommending it to all our friends and looking forward to the next event.
— Will - Senior Software Engineer

Went to my first VTL event to see Star Wars - The Last Jedi. The venue was great and it was convenient being able to socialize without having to worry about trying to find seats for the movie. Everyone there had a great attitude and the best seats in the house were reserved for our event. Great overall experience! The appetizers after the movie were delicious!
— Vin - Web Developer

VTL is a great experience!!! Couldn’t be happier with the convenience of avoiding lines for the movie and the seats were the best. Food, drinks and atmosphere were top notch!
— Nelson - Corporate Accounting Manager

VaporTent Lounges knocks it out the park!!! My favorite part of the entire event. No standing in line, no purchasing tickets, everything is taken care of...up to the private reserved seating, which by the way are the best seats in the house! Nice Job!
— Will - Blues Musician & Radio Host

A grown and sexy night out! A gathering of like minded business professionals in a private “Members Only” VIP area with great food, drinks and artfully selected music that keeps this unique vibe on pace. Not to mention, the choreographed timing of the event from the Uber discount code, Member check in, the social hour and finally to get you into your “Reserved Seats” just in time for the movie previews. I’m looking forward to the next event!
— VP - Customer Experience