VaporTent Lounges, LLC

California State Licensed Cannabis Event Organizer exclusively for responsible patients & wellness advocates (CEO14-0000005-LIC)

With roots based in Silicon Valley, we are a "California State Licensed - Cannabis Event Organizer" curating exclusive & boutique "Social Events" providing a responsible evening to relax, mingle and socialize with like-minded individuals.

We enjoy the Arts, Movies, Music, Cuisine and look forward to breaking down many of the pre-existing stigmas historically established.

More importantly, it is a paramount principle that we build a brand led by responsible consumer engagement. Fully understanding the importance in setting a positive example, following the proper business guidelines as well as local & state laws.

Referral Based, 21 & Wiser Only, Membership is Limited.

VaporTent Lounges

We are fans of many genres of music with a particular love for House. Taking great pride in curating #VTLMusic so we can share our experience within the Art in Music with our Friends & Family.
— @VaporTent

#VTLMusic - In Da Lab PR-2019

#VTLMusic - Big Lily Beats

#VTLMusic - TSH

#VTLMusic - TSH Lounge